Ed Klim: Snowmobile Community Looking Forward To A Great Season

EDITOR’S NOTE: The leader of the International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association (ISMA), Ed Klim, issued this press release earlier today stating the obvious: Snowmobilers are looking forward to a great season. Yeah, do you think? Finally back in the office after two consecutive weekends at the Big East Powersports Show in Syracuse, New York, and the Rocky Mountain Snowmobile Expo in Denver, Colorado, the Snow Goer staff can attest first-hand that enthusiast for snowmobiling is bursting at the seams. Here’s Klim’s take on it:


Yes, the snowmobile season has already begun in many parts of the world.  Snowfall has occurred in much of the Western United States and Canada and Mother Nature is covering mountain ranges around the world with ‘white gold.’

The initial forecasts are very uplifting for winter enthusiasts and snowmobilers in particular.  The Farmer’s Almanac and others have forecasted a cold, snowy winter for 2013-2014.

Ed Klim Snowmobile
Ed Klim, president of the International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association.

In addition to the early snow fall and forecasts, snowmobilers have fond memories of an elongated season ending in April (and May) in 2013.  Heavy snowfall throughout the early spring in much of North America and Northern Europe presented snowmobilers with excellent riding conditions and winter fun late into the spring.  The enthusiasm from April and May has carried into the Autumn of 2013.

Snowmobile associations, clubs and promoters are reporting excellent attendance and high energy levels at the fall snow shows.  In many cases, the shows are reporting record crowds and eager shoppers.  Snowmobile dealers are reporting good traffic volumes and initial reports are upbeat.

In addition to the increased action at shows, the snowmobile community is preparing the trails and riding areas for the upcoming season.  Snowmobile club activity is building as the weather cools and temperatures head down the thermometer! Signs are being updated and trails and parking areas are being brushed, cleared and marked.

The snowmobile community generates over $30 billion-worth of economic activity and is an important part of the economic engine in many rural communities in the Snowbelt.

Visitation to the www.GoSnowmobiling.org website and the www.snowmobile.org website are increasing and it appears visitation will again generate record numbers.  Last year, more than 4 million hits were made on the websites. Based on visitation, many of those visiting the sites were most interested in snowmobile rental locations and snowmobile destinations.

It looks like 2013-2014 will be another good snowmobiling year and we look forward to seeing you on the trails! All snowmobilers are encouraged to have their snowmobiles prepared for winter and make sure to check snowmobile trailers, tow vehicles, etc. to make sure they are in proper working order before heading out for that first ride of the season.

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