Coldwave Snowmobile Gear Is Returning

A  little over a year ago, word started to trickle throughout the snowmobile market that one of the legendary brands in the sledding apparel world was going away. Well, now we’ve been told that, in the bastardized words of Mark Twain, “The rumors of Coldwave’s death have been greatly exaggerated.”

Michigan-based Marshall Distributing announced today that it is bringing back Coldwave snowmobile apparel as a part of a new exclusive licensing and supplier agreement with the brand that will run through 2019. Coldwave will also be slightly repositioned, Marshall said, with a smaller and more affordable line of snowmobiling gear.

“The current, new line of Coldwave is streamlined for 2014-15 to bring the brand back to the roots that made the Coldwave line so popular with snowmobilers across North America. As we take the Coldwave brand forward, our focus will always be offering quality snowmobile apparel at reasonable prices,” said Chuck Herman National Sales Manager of Marshall Distributing.

The “Sno Storm” series will be a new line from Coldwave for the upcoming year with a soft, yet durable outer material. The Sno Storm product line is 100 percent water proof and breathable and comes with a removable hood in men’s, ladies, and youth sizes. The majority of the new offerings will all have retail pricing below $200, and nothing in the line will exceed $250 retail, a release from Marshall Distributing said.

Coldwave was previously a product that belonged to Specialty Sports Ltd., which also produced the Teknic brand of motorcycle gear. One of the two principals in Specialty Sports, Dave Nicholas, was quoted in the Marshall press release.

“We look forward to extending our relationship with Marshall Distributing, the leader in the snow industry in the U.S.,” said Nicholas. “They have helped us grow the brand over the last 20 years to a leadership position within the market, and we expect them to take it to new heights.”

The new 2014-15 Coldwave product line will be featured at the snow shows in late summer and through the fall months.

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