Cold Tested: Motorfist 3.0 Stomper Boot

The Motorfist 3.0 Stomper Boot.

I have owned a pair of Stomper 1.0 boots for several years and have put a lot of miles on them. They have always been one of my favorite boots to wear, so when the 3.0 version came out, I was excited to give the new version a test.

The Stomper 3.0 Boots are very similar to the 1.0, which is a good thing. The soles are very durable and have been proven over the years – this becomes an issue as snowmobile running board traction seems to get more aggressive every year with serrated edges. The sole is said to be replaceable, but appears to be so integrated into the construction of the boot that I’m not sure how this could be accomplished without sacrificing the integrity of the boot.

The Stomper 3.0 has an eVent waterproof breathable liner, with 800- gram Primaloft gold insulation to keep feet warm. To provide durability, there are hefty rubber caps on the heal and toe. The boots feature a fixed liner, but do have a removable insole for easy drying.  Also, the boots come with an extra inner sole to make up the gap for halfsizes, as they are only available in whole sizes 7 to 14. The laces have a sticky feel, which keeps them in place while lacing up the boot.

I tested the 3.0 boots in a wide range of conditions from trail riding in minus 15 degree weather to mountain riding in high 30s. The boots always kept moisture out in every instance, and dry feet are happy feet.

In most conditions my feet also stayed warm, though in subzero temps my toes got more of a chill than I remember getting while wearing the original Stompers. It almost seemed like the hard surface in the toe did not offer as much insulation as the 1.0 boots. I tried a couple different versions of socks to see if the problem was partially due to my base layer, but I ended up with the same result.

The boots are also very practical, and could also be used as work boots due to their durability, comfort and light weight.

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