Changes For Arctic – Cat’s Sno Pro

The new and improved Sno Pro has a steering post is that over the engine and the seating position is moved forward. The handlebars are 4 inches higher. Arctic Cat also added a “hot button.” The button activates a timing map in the CDI ignition to generate heat in the pipe.
The front suspension geometry was changed slightly, which offers a tighter turning radius. The upper A-arms are .25-inch longer. The lower A-arms are made of 4130 chromoly. Fox Zero X shocks with external compression and rebound adjustments cushion the bumps up front. In back, the Cross Link system has a revised separator piston and new valving. The rear arm shock has rebound adjustment. Material was added in the suspension rails for increased strength. Spinning around the rear suspension is a track with 1.7-inch tall lugs.
Under the hood is an improved 440 mill with more power. The engine pumps out about 104 hp, according to Arctic Cat officials. Transferring power to the track is a TEAM Industries roller secondary clutch.
The driveshaft, chaincase and jackshaft have been strengthened. The front of the chassis also gets additional reinforcement welding for added strength. A deeper tunnel with a straight top is stronger than the ETT tunnel, Cat officials said. The seat is lighter, thanks to the elimination of some foam, and it rests on an aluminum subframe.
In addition, the coolant reservoir was moved to the center of the sled. Other electronics were also moved to the center of the sled, under the fuel tank.

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