Cat Shows Three New Sleds At Haydays

Cat uncovered three new sleds at Haydays.September 15, 2008

Arctic Cat pulled the covers off three new machines at Haydays last weekend that the company billed as the world’s fastest snowmobiles: The Z1 Turbo Sno Pro, Sno Pro 600 race sled and M8 HCR.

Z1 Turbo Sno Pro
The turbo is a Z1 LXR (heated seat, push-button reverse, fuel gauge) with Sno Pro extras like a 5-inch handlebar riser, Fox FLOAT shocks up front and a heavy-duty rear shock calibrated for aggressive riders. Black and green styling with hand guards and a 1.25-inch Camoplast Cobra track. Arctic Cat claims 177 hp from the four-stroke engine.

The Sno Pro 600 is a race sled designed for cross-country and snocross competition. Highlights of the sled are an all-new 600cc engine and massaged chassis to make it steadier and faster. The engine runs on 92-octane fuel and features new pistons, head, cylinders, ignition and air intake. Cat claims a 5 percent boost in mid to peak horsepower range.

Sno Pro 600
Engineers lowered the driveshaft and developed a new suspension rail to increase drive train efficiency and gain top-end speed. Other reworked parts include the rear tunnel extension and cooler, shock calibration, spindles and A-arms.

The M8 HCR, which stands for “Hillclimb Racer,” is based on the M8 mountain sled, but it’s modified for hillclimb competition and backcountry free riding. New skis have taller, more aggressive keels than the stock Cat mountain skis. The front end has Fox Zero Pro shocks as does the front torque arm. The rear torque arm has a Fox FLOAT shock.

The HCR has a 153-inch Power Claw track made from a hard-durometer rubber for a more aggressive bite. Weight is cut from the sled through a Boss seat and titanium ski-shock springs. Cat claims the sled weighs 457 pounds dry. The sled features the telescoping steering post.

The HCR will be available in December with 500 slated for production.

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