Brutanza snowmobile reunion planned

A Brut snowmobile enthusiast has planned a Brutanza Snowmobile Reunion for June 25 in Brooten, Minn., which is about 100 miles northwest of Minneapolis.
Brad Goodenbour, a collector who owns almost a dozen operational Brut snowmobiles, along with sales literature, magazine articles, stockholder reports and other memorabilia, has recruited at least two dozen collectors who will bring sleds to the event, according to an article in the St. Cloud (Minn.) Times. Many of the 50 former Brutanza employees will also attend the reunion, which will be held in the city where Brutanza was headquartered.
Brutanza Engineering sold liquid-cooled snowmobiles from 1972-74 before selling out to Scorpion. The company was founded by John Bohmer and Gerry Reese, who was a former Polaris engineer. Bohmer will not be in attendance, but his No. 1 and 2 production line Bruts will be shown. Reese will attend the reunion, as will former Brut engineer Charlie Baker.

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