BRP Icon Inducted To Snowmobile Hall Of Fame

Gordy Radtke, a 32-year veteran of the Ski-Doo service department, was inducted into the Snowmobile Hall of Fame last month. Sickness prevented Gordy from attending the ceremony in Eagle River, Wisconsin, but his three children and good friend Rich Klein were there on his behalf.

Snowmobile Hall of Fame inductee Gordy Radtke is a veteran of the Ski-Doo service department.
Radtke is an icon within the BRP family, especially to those involved with Ski-Doo snowmobiles. In a company filled with technically savvy people, Radtke has always been one of the best, said a statement from Ski-Doo about Radtke’s induction.

From purely theoretical concepts to grassroots applications, Radtke has a tremendous understanding of all things mechanical, and a knack for explaining mechanical theories and concepts. Whatever the question, Radtke answers it in such a way that no matter his audience — from physics professors to the merely curious — people understand.

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