Bayfield Peninsula Snowmobiling Adventure, In Pictures

Last weekend (March 14-17) our plans to ride in the area south of Valley City, North Dakota, were spoiled by the Ma’ Nature, who dumped rain on the trails and ice on the highways between here in Minneapolis and there in North Dakota. So, we made a late switch and pointed the truck and trailer to the northeast instead, toward the Bayfield Peninsula in far northern Wisconsin. The peninsula is a chunk of land that jets out into Lake Superior. Its location lets it benefit from excellent lake effect snows every winter, and its rural nature means the riding opportunities are seemingly endless.

While we were there, about 6 fresh inches of powdery snow fell, and another four inches fell hours after we left. The late-season riding there right now is absolutely excellent, with long days, perfectly groomed trails and hundreds of miles of available, unplowed forest service roads, fire roads and other narrow byways. We’ll have a full feature article about riding in the Bayfield Peninsula later this year in Snow Goer magazine. For now, here are a handful of the 291 photos we took while following around Dick from Bayfield’s Woodside Cottages. We clicked 310 miles on the odometer, and can’t wait to go back and explore more.

snowmobile Bayfield County


bayfield 3

bayfield 6

bayfield 2

Bayfield View

bayfield lake

Bayfield Apples

bayfield 4



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  • Hey! We met this group up on Mt Baldy this past weekend! I’m in the orange with the orange crossfire in the way back, you can barley see it. Was great to talk to you guys!!


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