Avalanche At Big Iron Shootout

A large avalanche near the renowned riding area near Revelstoke, British Columbia, claimed two lives on Saturday at a regionally famous riding event.

The avalanche, reportedly triggered by up to three sleds that were highmarking on a mountainside, came down upon a crowd estimated at up to 200 people who were catching at the bottom of the slope.

According to media reports out of Canada, 30 of those people were injured and two were killed when they were swallowed up by the wall of snow. The incident occurred at about 3:30 p.m. local time at annual Big Iron Shootout on Boulder Mountain. Two 33-year-old men from nearby Strathmore, B.C., were killed.

The Canadian media is all over the incident – here’s a link to the most complete coverage we’ve been able to find: CTVBC avalanche coverage.

The tragedy suffered by the two families who lost loved ones is obviously immense, but it is also worth note how many people were saved at the event, thanks to the avalanche beacons, probes and shoves that were used at the scene. If you’re riding in the mountain west this spring, make sure to carry along such items.

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