Arctic Cat updates Sno Pro 600 for 2010 race season

With two years riding the extruded aluminum Sno Pro 600 race sled under its belt, Team Arctic racers will drive an updated version of the lightweight, sharp handling race sled for the 2009-10 snowmobile race season.

The chrome-moly and aluminum chassis was reinforced at the rear of tunnel for more strength where the heat exchanger mounts. A more-durable rear bumper mount complements the stiffened upper-chassis spar brackets for increased rigidity.

Focus was given to the front and rear suspensions, with more durable tie-rod ends for the upper A-arms and steering arms up front. The Slide Action rear has a more robust front torque arm, idler arm and rear shock pivot.

The 600 laydown engine was new last season, but it comes back with a new exhaust manifold designed for quicker throttle response. Stainless steel baffle plates in the resonator and additional welding on the exhaust pipe seams were added for reinforcement. A new metric-threaded crankshaft bolt is now used for commonality with other Arctic Cat engines. Cat rates the engine at 127 hp on pump gas.

The drivetrain on the Sno Pro has also been beefed up, with a 15-wide chain and gears, a stiffer jackshaft and more durable drive belt.

As it did last year, Arctic Cat produced snocross and cross-country versions of the 2010 600 Sno Pro to serve the requirements of all terrain racers and circuits. The snocross Sno Pro has a 15- by 128- by 1.7-inch Camoplast track, Peak Torque Limiting (PTL) driveshaft system to reduce chain and belt failures caused by hard landings, 9-tooth drivers, C&A Pro skis and a 7-gallon fuel tank. The clutches and suspensions are tuned for the unique demands of snocross racing.

2010 Arctic Cat Sno Pro 600
The cross-country Sno Pro runs on a 1.25-inch RipSaw track; a dash-mounted choke cable; 11-gallon fuel tank; the new ACT skis; 10-tooth drivers on the standard (non-PTL) driveshaft; a dash-mounted speedometer/tachometer; standard snow flap; and taller mid-height windshield. Both versions of the 600 Sno Pro are equipped with VForce Reeds, remote-reservoir Fox IFP shocks and TEAM Industries driven clutch.

Team Arctic racers won 32 out of 60 finals in the International Series of Champions pro, semi-pro and sport snocross classes, and 39 of 87 possible class victories in United States Cross-Country competition, according to a release from Arctic Cat. “Clearly we have the best race sled in the business, and our focus for 2010 was to introduce this incredible platform to new and experienced racers, and to build upon our unmatched success,” said Team Arctic Race Manager Mike Kloety.

The new Sno Pro 500 is aimed at junior racers and people who want to try their hand at snocross and cross-country racing. The 500 is based on the same chassis as the 600 Sno Pro, but it has an 85 hp EFI engine and oil injection for simplicity and a level of performance that matches most riders’ abilities.

Besides the engine, the Sno Pro 500 is nearly identical to the cross-country version of the 600 Sno Pro, the only significant exception being the non-reservoir Fox shocks. We’ve ridden this sled and found it to be one of the best-handling sleds for 2010, not to mention its suspensions are tops for tackling the big bumps and chop. For a full review of the Sno Pro 500, CLICK HERE.

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