When news broke a little more than a year ago about the the Sno Pro 500, Arctic Cat riders were excited about the lightweight sled. After a full season on the snow, it proved to be a quick, fun snowmobile that handles well with a fully capable suspension package.

Some riders might have noticed that the engine loaded up if allowed to idle for more than a few seconds. To correct that problem, Arctic Cat has issued an update to improve low-rpm performance from the 2010 model year snowmobiles.

Dealers will reprogram the engine control unit (ECU) and attach a decal to ECU indicate the update has been performed.

Owners can bring their 2010 Sno Pro to an Arctic Cat dealer, who will perform the service for free. Arctic Cat expects the repair can be performed the same day the sled is brought to the dealership, according to a letter mailed from Arctic Cat last month to registered owners of 2010 Sno Pro 500 sleds.


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