A Different Kind Of Snowmobile, Deployed To Reach The North Pole

Polaris Rampage snowmobile
No specs have been released on the Polaris Rampage defense vehicle, but it clearly isn’t aimed at trail riding!

So, you might think you’ve ridden some kick-butt, take-no-prisoners snowmobiles over the years, but Polaris today shared photos of an over-the-snow vehicle that could squash for your rides, Grave Digger monster truck style.

We’re talking about the Polaris Rampage, which Polaris called “a true amphibious, all-terrain, all-season, global-reach platform” in press release today. According to that release, the Rampage  has been deployed in support of Canadian Operation Nunalivut – an annual operation in which the Canada government asserts its sovereignty over its northernmost regions and demonstrates its ability to operate in harsh conditions.

The operation is staffed this year by more than 230 members of the Canadian Army and the Royal Canadian Air Force, though some years the Royal Canadian Navy gets to go play in the far north operation as well.

On the Operation Nunalivut website, the Canadian government explains the mission as such:

“As an Arctic nation, Canada regularly and fully exercises its sovereign rights and jurisdiction in its northern territories. The Canadian Armed Forces have a significant role to play in forestalling sovereignty challenges, defending Canada against threats in the region, and protecting Canadians by supporting whole-of-government efforts to ensure appropriate responses to security and environmental concerns in the North.”

It all sounds rather interesting to us, but when you throw in the wild looking Rampage vehicle, suddenly we want to be involved.

“A workhorse, the Polaris Rampage is still a prototype that could become the ultimate off-road vehicle for the next generation,” Polaris said in a press release. “Polaris Off-Road Vehicles continue to display the prowess of innovation, is leading the way in off-road vehicle engineering and is providing capable vehicles for climates such as the North Pole and Arctic.”

Other than that, no details on this mean-looking hotrod have been released. We’re sure it will fall into the Polaris Defense product arena: If you haven’t gone there yet, the military.polaris.com webpage is worth checking out if you’re into tough-looking military rigs.

Polaris Rampage 2



2 thoughts on “A Different Kind Of Snowmobile, Deployed To Reach The North Pole

  • Avatar for Scott Kjarsgaard

    You have that article titled incorrectly. That is not a snowmobile, as a snowmobile has a single track and two skis. You did correctly indicate it as an over-the-snow vehicle in the article, why not in the title? Taken further, you could have identified is as a specialty built twin-tracked, over-the-snow vehicle, but I am not the editor/publisher, just a guy on a computer……

  • Avatar for Paul Baxter

    Yes , but when will the rampage be available to the public ? Have a RZR EX Turbo 4 seater ,the rampage would be a good companion to the turbo . And will the Rampage come with the 1000 turbo too .


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