5 Great Snowmobile Events This Weekend

You may have seen us blathering on (and on) in the last couple of weeks about the big Haydays Grass Drags and Swap Meet. It’s huge, it was great again this year, but it’s over. Gone. Done. Forget about it.

Maybe you don’t live anywhere close to the huge event and didn’t feel like traveling across the country to get to it. Maybe the event is just too darn huge to appeal to you. Maybe you had plans. Maybe you had to stay home and wash your hair… But if you didn’t get to it, that doesn’t mean you don’t get to go to a cool event and hang out with fellow snowmobilers while race vehicles turn gas into noise and dust. Far from it.

It’s Friday as we write this, the start of the weekend after Haydays, but also the start of a NEW weekend with a lot of cool snowmobiling events scattered across the country. So this week’s Friday’s Fast Five is all about them. Here are five to consider this weekend – look for the live links in each section. And if we missed a cool event in your neck of the woods? PLEASE add it in the comment box below.


  1. Snow Bash 2012, Sept. 15-16 – Just the name is cool; it sounds like it should have a radio ad featuring that really low-voiced dude that makes the monster truck commercials. Can’t you hear it: “The Big Daddy Is Back … SNOW-BAA-AA-ASH 2012…2012…2012!” Anyway, the event in Ohio, New York, has long been one of the biggest, baddest events in the East, with the huge Blizzard 500 grass drags with the Woody’s Bash Master event, a huge swap meet, vender displays and a general party atmosphere.   Hosted by the Ohio Ridge Riders snowmobile club, the event is 20 miles north of Utica.
  2. World Championship Vintage Reunion, Sept. 14-15 – If you’re into seeing old-school sleds drag racing or just being displayed, there’s no better fall event than the World Championship Vintage Snowmobile Show Reunion & Grass Drags at the Eagle River Derby Track in Eagle River, Wisconsin. It’s a great reason to get to the Wisconsin Northwoods, see the Derby Track in the off-season, and the weekend includes the International Snowmobile Hall Of Fame induction ceremony and events at the World Snowmobile Headquarters.
  3. Minnesota Tripleheader, Sept. 15-16 – Folks in the central Minnesota lakecountry, there are all sorts of things going on – three events in fact. In Alexandria, Minnesota, the well-named Alexandria Area Snowmobile, ATV, Motorcycle & Recreational Vehicle Swapmeet and Vintage Snowmobile Show Featuring Lawn Mower Racing is Saturday the 15th. We mock the name because we care. It’s actually pretty cool, and the lawn mower racing and pulls are rather fascinating. Up the road in Brainerd, Minnesota, there are two events to choose from. The 10th annual Brainerd Snodeos Grass Drags & Swap Meet will be held at the Crow Wing County Fairgrounds on Saturday. A big swap area, vendors, 40-plus classes of drag racing on a quality track – all very good stuff. And, just 6 miles up the road at Brainerd International Raceway, the heroes of watercross will be making waves all weekend on “Lake BIR.” As we’ve stated earlier this year, if you’ve never been to a watercross to see sleds compete, lap-after-lap, on open water, well, you’ve really been missing something!
  4. Monkton F.D. Grass Drags, Sept. 15 – Raise money for local fire and rescue efforts, and see grass drags and mud bog events on a glorious New England weekend: what’s not to like? We’re talking about the 7th annual Monkton Volunteer Fire Department’s Grass Drags & Mud Bog in Bristol, Vermont.
  5. Kris Klaus Memorial Grass Drags & Swap, Sept. 14-15 – We’re going to be straight-up honest with you: We have no idea how big this Deckerville, Michigan, event really is! But hey, they have a nice poster, they’ve been holding it for four years now, and tonight it all kicks off with something called “Human Dog Sled Races,” so it caught our eye. Tomorrow is the big action. The event is hosted by the Thumbs Up Snowmobile Club.

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