Surprising Rookie Ishoel Wins Season-Opening Specialty Snocross Race

Wow, that didn’t take long!

Elias Ishoel
Rookie Elias Ishoel racing at the Duluth, Minnesota, opening weekend. Photo from Ski-Doo.

Elias Ishoel proved himself to be a make-or-break star in the making last year when he showed up out of Norway and earned multiple victories in the Pro-Lite class on his No. 200 Warnert Racing Ski-Doo, and then announced at the end of the season that he was moving up to the Pro Open class is 2016-17.

That race season opens this weekend in Duluth, Minnesota, but before the real points racing could get started on Saturday and Sunday, Friday night included a specialty event — the Amsoil Dominator, which pits off the top Pro Open racers in a bracket, with winners advancing from two-lap, one-on-one showdowns. When it shakes out to the final, the winner gets a $10,000 check and a funky trophy.

And, the person surrounded by his team and holding the trophy and big check at the end of the night wasn’t Tucker Hibbert, Tim Tremblay, Ross Martin or any of the other Pro Open veterans. It was Ishoel, perhaps setting the stage for a newly competitive season.

Below is the press release from the host ISOC Amsoil Championship Snocross series.

warnert racing
This picture was posted on the Warnert Racing Facebook page after the stunning Friday night victory.



SPIRIT MOUNTAIN – DULUTH, MN. (November 25, 2016) – Wipe the slate clean, hit the reset button and get ready for a new season of Amsoil Championship Snocross Presented by Ram Trucks. Thanks to a fresh blanket of snow by Mother Nature, the teams rolled into Duluth to crack the throttle and throw the roost for the first time since March. Reigning Pro Open champ, Tucker Hibbert returns to defend his championship season along with Montana Jess in the Pro Lite division looking to repeat his rock solid 2016 Season. Expect big things to happen in the Pro Open ranks with the rocket Elias Ishoel moving up from Pro Lite and the return of Kody Kamm on the line, no doubt the battles will be epic and keep the fans on their feet.

Elias Ishoel
Elias Ishoel from Friday night’s racing in Duluth. Photo courtesy ISOC race circuit.

Starting off the weekend will be the Amsoil Dominator, a one-on-one battle in a two-lap race to the finish, the winner moves on, the loser to the trailer. Tim Tremblay (No. 11) and Ross Martin (837) are the top winners in the past Amsoil Dominator races, will they take the top of the box, or will a new challenger etch his name in the W column? Grab the bars and hold on cause it is about to get wild, it’s go time in Duluth.

After two rounds of elimination, many top riders were off to the bleachers to watch Round 2 and the Semis. Tucker Hibbert (68) moved to semi-final but was beaten out by Kyle Palin (324) by a fraction of second, Palin will sit on the front row of the final round. Hibbert would still have a chance in the LCQ where he would finish first and take a spot on the back row of the final, however Hibbert was unable to take the green flag due to a mechanical issue.

The rocket Elias Isohel (200), who moved from the Pro Lite division into the PRO Open this year, fell behind Petter Narsa (54) early on in the first round, but came back with huge air over the Amsoil Finish Line jump to close the gap and take the lead and move onto the semifinal where he would also take the win and move to the final round. Adam Renheim (311) and Ross Martin (837), Tim Tremblay (11), Corin Todd (36) and Ryan Springer (541) all made it to the semifinal rounds, but would fall short when the checkers flew at the line.

In the final and on the line it’s Kyle Pallin (324) and Elias Ishoel (200) up front, with Ryan Springer (541) taking the only runner-up spot with Hibbert out. Off the line and out of the shoot it is a battle to between Elias and Palin, bar-to-bar into the first turn where Elias would move into the lead and never look back taking the big $10,000 payday to the bank and striking first blood in the 2016-2017 season. Be prepared for big things to come from this hot shot throughout the season.



Round 1 of the 2016-2017 at Spirit Mountain in Duluth, MN will take to the line to official start off the season. Opening ceremonies to start at 5:00 p.m. with racing to start at 5:25 p.m.


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