2018 Polaris 600R Race Sled Includes New Shocks, Brake and More

2018 Polaris 600R Race Sled
The 2018 Polaris 600R Race Sled

After moving its snocross-focused snowmobile to a new platform last year, the level of changes to the 2018 Polaris 600R Race Sled was lower than some of its competition, but the brand still had major updates to report for the coming race season — most notably to the shocks, front suspension, clutches and brake. Starting up front, the 600R comes standard with the Walker Evans Velocity Series Shocks on the front suspension that most Polaris race teams have been using on their Pro Open sleds for the past two years. The shocks are position-sensitive and are aided by a design that moves the remote reservoir part way down the shock body — making the shocks more compliant in smaller impacts, but still having required bottoming resistance for big landings and hard hits, according to Polaris Race Manager Tom Rager Jr. 



To allow room for the repositioned remote reservoirs — which are turned in toward the centerline of the chassis — Polaris designers revised the suspension geometry with a new upper A-Arm. The IFS also comes with a spindle that’s a half-inch taller for more ground clearance, plus better turning in sharp corners or situations where racers want to bank through a corner on the inside ski, Rager said. 

Polaris brake race sled
The new brake from Hayes features a stainless steel rotor and different brake pads to offer better stopping power and handle heat better.

The Hayes brake is also new, featuring a stainless steel rotor and new brake pads that will handle heat better, will be less prone to warping and provide better stopping power. 

There were no notable changes to the engine, but Polaris is hoping for better holeshots thanks to a new straight-cut sheeve on the clutch that Rager said will grip the belt better. Also, there’s a new seat cover that’s still grippy, but isn’t as prone to tearing as last year’s seat, plus revised running board traction. 

Polaris Walker Evans Shocks
Walker Evans Velocity shocks are position sensitive for 2018 and feature a unique design.

Below is the press release material from Polaris.  

New 2018 Polaris 600R

The new 2018 Polaris 600R Race Sled continues to push and evolve technology to deliver a title and race-winning snowmobile.

Front Suspension

  • New Walker Evans Velocity Front Suspension Shocks & springs
  • Polaris leads the industry with this premium, high performance shock.
  • The position sensitive-shock allows for a softer initial setting but still has stiffness at bottom for big hits.
  • New upper Front Control Arm design to accommodate new shock reservoir position and for added protection to the shock.
  • New taller Spindles improve cornering and add ground clearance (0.5-in. taller).


  • New clutch features straight-cut sheave angle for improved holeshot performance due to better belt grip.


  • New floating Stainless Steel Brake Rotor and NEW Brake Pads
  • Improved stopping power, performance and durability.
  • The lighter-weight rotor is floating to prevent warping.

Running Boards

  • Feature new stock cutouts for easy snow evacuation and added traction cleats for additional rider traction
Polaris seat
The new seat cover material is more durable, Polaris says.


  • New seat cover material for improved durability that maintains grip.

Rear Suspension Shocks

  • Calibration and styling updates.

FrogzSkin on Upper Hood Vents

  • Added intake foam seal and included FrogzSkin over upper-hood vents to prevent snow ingestion.

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