2013 Arctic Cat Snowmobiles Unveiled

Arctic Cat lifted the sheets off its 2013 snowmobiles today. Here are the details, including information about a new racer replica, expanded crossover lineup and changes to its deep-snow lineup.

2013 Arctic Cat Snowmobiles Headlines
Stealing the headlines about the 2013 Arctic Cat snowmobiles, the 2013 Arctic Cat ProCross F RR — available with the H.O. 800 two stroke or 1100 Turbo engines — feature the same race suspension calibration as the cross-country version of the 2012 ProCross Sno Pro 600 race sled. Front shocks are Fox FLOAT Evol with external compression and rebound adjustment.

The rear suspension is also from the race sled. A special shock for better ride quality is attached to the front torque arm. The rear shock has a new high-flow damping piston for better performance. Both shocks have remote reservoirs with adjustable damping.

This 2013 Arctic Cat ProCross F RR also gets an upgraded brake. This brake includes lightweight pads and rotor. One last racey feature: The handlebar riser is 1 inch taller than standard Sno Pro models. Customers can choose from three unique styling options for the 2013 Arctic Cat RR: white and green split down the middle like the 2012 race sled, all white or solid green. All of them include bold “Arctic Cat” graphics on the tunnel.

The 2013 Arctic Cat ProCross XF CrossTour models are designed for long-distance riding.

XF CrossTour
The new 2013 Arctic Cat ProCross XF Cross Tour is a sport-touring model that’s equipped for long-distance tours and high-performance riding. Engine options within the ProCross XF Cross Tour are the 160 hp H.O. 800 two-stroke, the naturally aspirated 1100cc four-stroke twin that’s good for about 125 hp or the 1100 Turbo that puts out 177 hp. Electric start is standard on all engines.

Special features include storage bags, mid-height windshield with mirrors and a heavy-duty rear bumper that’s designed to accept Arctic Cat accessories. Fox shocks are used on the front suspension and front torque arm; the rear arm has a Fox FLOAT 2 damper. The rear suspension is wrapped in a 15- by 141- by 1.25-inch Cobra track with a 3-inch pitch. Both four-stroke models have a heated seat.

On the other end of the hybrid spectrum is the XF High Country package. It combines features of the XF models — 141-inch track, 42-inch ski stance, full-length heat exchanger — with features from the Ms — deeper track lugs, M seat, flat-top tunnel. Engine options are the 800cc two-stroke or 1100 Turbo.

Some 2013 Arctic Cat models will have a narrower ski stance for better deep-snow maneuverability.

Mountain Sleds Receive Narrower Ski Stance, Adjustable Turning Radius
The biggest news about the 2013 Arctic Cat mountain sleds is a narrower ski-stance, down to 38 inches. This affects all M sleds except for the M 800 HCR, which retains the adjustable 40-42-inch stance for more stability in hillclimb competition.

The narrower stance is employed to improve side-hilling performance and to make it easier to lay the sled on its side, carve and counter-steer in deep snow. The narrower stance is achieved by using shorter A-arms, tie-rods and shocks. Another revision for M sleds is the opportunity for riders to quickly adjust their sled’s turning radius. Spindles will have two mount holes for the tie-rod: one for the normal turning radius and the other for a tighter circle.

Special 2013 Arctic Cat snowmobiles get Limited graphics packages and other premium accessories.

2013 Arctic Cat Snowmobile Tracks
There are a handful of track changes on the 2013 Arctic Cat snowmobile lineup.

F sleds — 800, 1100 and 1100 Turbo-powered models — go from a 2.52- to a 2.86-inch pitch track, meaning there is more distance between track lugs. These tracks are turned by 9-tooth drivers instead of the 10-tooth drivers that were used on 2012 models. Arctic Cat claims the new two-ply tracks yield more top-end speed and reduce weight by 3 pounds.

LXR models are equipped with the RipSaw II track. Its 1-inch lug pattern has less side-bite than the original RipSaw track to help reduce inside ski lift. Sno Pro models will still run a 1.25-inch RipSaw.

M models will use a new single-ply, PowerClaw track with 2.6-inch lugs and a 3-inch pitch. Paddle tips are curved-forward, and Cat claims they won’t fold over or take a set. All Sno Pro and HCR models will be available with 153- or 162-inch lengths. SnoPro and Limited models will utilize 80-durometer rubber while the HCRs will have the stiffer 85-durometer rubber.

Other Notes About 2013 Arctic Cat Snowmobiles
There are few other changes within the 2013 Arctic Cat lineup worth mentioning. Clutch engagement RPM will be reduced on 800cc models. ProCross and ProClimb models will have a close-off panel that fits between the steering post and gauge cluster. The part can be retrofitted on 2012 models to hide wires, cables and other stuff. Electric start will be available on 800cc models in 2013 after Cat pulled the plug on that accessory for 2012 models last summer due to reliability issues. Engineers are confident they have the problems worked out.

Look for more pictures and details about the 2013 Arctic Cat snowmobiles in the next issue of Snow Goer magazine, hitting newsstands in early March.

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7 thoughts on “2013 Arctic Cat Snowmobiles Unveiled

  • Avatar for Nancy McReady

    As long time Arctic Cat snowmobile owners, WHY the hot, souped up machines with NO windshields?
    My husband and I have had several Arctic Cats – Cougar, EXTs, 600s,and T660st. Just about all we had had to order higher windshield.
    We put an average of 2500 miles on each of our sleds each year, riding trails and on the lakes of northern Minnesota.
    Very disappointed that many of the snowmobile manufacturers are not making machines for us anymore.

  • Avatar for Norb Sojka

    I agree with Nancy McReady. I’m 63 years old and there are very few machines on the market I would buy. I’ve been waiting for Arctic Cat to build a smaller 4 stroke snowmobile with a decent windshield. Now I’m looking hard at SkiDoo’s and Yamaha’s after riding Cats for the last 30 years. Please come up with a machine for people our age.

  • Avatar for doug

    I have a 2012 m 800 153 I love the way it handles but am looking to narrow the skiis (a arms kit)like 2013. It sure would be nice if there was a aux fuel can that clicked into the back of the seat, lower seat for mtn riders,and I think the body panels could be narrowed by 1.5-2″ with aftermarket can install which would help sidehilling. Clutching needs to engage at lower rpm, no-one rides in the mountains at 100 mph. That said the suspension rocks,and power is great but a more linear power curve would be nice.

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    Excellent blog you have here.. It’s difficult to find high-quality writing like yours nowadays. I really appreciate individuals like you! Take care!!


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