2013 Arctic Cat Sno Pro 600 Race Sled

Engineers focused on suspension, steering and durability when designing the 2013 Arctic Cat Sno Pro 600.

The 2012-13 snowmobile race season will mark the second year Tucker Hibbert and other Team Arctic racers will pilot the ProCross-based platform, and two versions of the 2013 Arctic Cat Sno Pro 600 will be built: Snocross and Cross-Country.

Suspension updates will improve the ability of racers to control and steer the 2013 Arctic Cat Sno Pro 600 while under power, Arctic Cat said. New chassis geometry was worked into the platform to make it more predictable through rough terrain. These changes include adding almost 1.5 inches of ground clearance at the foot wells and a flatter running board angle.

Rear suspension updates include moving the front torque arm mount position rearward 2 inches to control weight transfer. Front arm travel increased about 1 inch, according to Arctic Cat. A new coupler position provides a wider range of adjustment. Ski stance was widened 1.2 inches to 43.5 inches.

A new brake caliper and disc with increased fastener size is said to help reduce flex by holding the caliper halves together more effectively. Enlarged fluid ports will provide better flow, deeper brake pistons are less likely to bind and a revised fluid seal groove will improve piston retraction.

Here are specific differences between Snocross and Cross-Country versions of the 2013 Arctic Cat Sno Pro 600:
Track: Snocross will have a Camoplast track with 1.7-inch lugs, Cross-Country will have a 2-ply Cobra track with 1.25-inch lugs
Fuel Tank: 5 gallons for Snocross, 13 gallons for cross-country
Seat: Narrower profile for Snocross
Windshield: Low for Snocross, medium for Cross-Country
Skis: C&A Pro XT for Snocross, C&A Pro ADX for Cross-Country

Here is a list of shared updates and characteristics for both versions of the 2013 Arctic Cat Sno Pro 600 race sleds:
• 600R race engine with heated 40mm Mikuni carburetors
• Fox Float X Evol shock absorbers on front suspension
• Race Slide Action rear suspension with Fox shocks
• Magnesium chaincase and torque-sensing bottom sprocket
• Radial Master Cylinder brake system
• New PTO engine plate for more durability
• Increased stiffness in engine mounts for added durability
• Modified chaincase for increased strength
• Lighter, high-strength driveshaft
• New jackshaft
• New drive belt
• New quarter-turn assembly, hood pin and hold-down strap to secure side panels
• Thicker Snocross snow flap for durability
• Modified front heat exchanger engine mount bracket for durability
• New throttle and choke cables
• New Team Arctic Green body color


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