2010 Ski-Doo race sled revised over last year’s machine

Ski-Doo snowmobile race shop engineers concentrated on better engine and holeshot performance from their 2010 MX Zx 600 RS, along with better chassis control through rough terrain.

New carburetor calibrations and an “optimized” exhaust system should produce better overall running quality and a stronger holeshot, according to a release from Ski-Doo. The engine also gets stronger VForce 3 reed petals. It has Mikuni TMX-38 carburetors.

The new forward steering system is adjustable and a revised pitman arm position was employed to reduce steering effort.

Skidframe reinforcements include limiter strap arm diameter increased from 17 to 19 mm. The slide rail profile has been revised to allow more top-end speed and a reinforcement bar has been installed between those rails to reduce roll resistance and flex.

The 15- by 120- by 1.75-inch track weighs three pounds less, Ski-Doo claims, while its new profile was designed to improve holeshot traction.

The Rotax 600R engine runs on premium fuel pre-mixed at 33 to 1. Claimed dry weight is 430 pounds. Cost is $10,299.

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