2009 Ski-Doo MX Zx 600RS

2009 Ski-Doo MX Zx 600RSSki-Doo debuted the MX Zx 600RS last season on the new REV-XP chassis. Results weren’t as good expected as racers fought suspension calibration problems all year. But nonetheless, the company says the sled was a success, This season, Ski-Doo designed its 2009 to be easier to drive and service.

New rail profile and suspension geometry
“The changes reflect our priorities of easier handling, better cornering and better suspension … along with the need for extreme durability to keep racing costs lower,” said Francois Tremblay, Ski-Doo’s director of marketing. Updates to the sled include:

Powertrain: New dual air intake system.

C-40 Clicker Racing Shock
Rear suspension: New rear arm geometry and shock linkage; stronger rail design for better cornering and braking performance; stronger coupling system on slide rail.

Front suspension: Wider ski stance; new ski spindles; new A-arms; adjustable width and caster.

The 2009 600RS has more chassis reinforcements.
Shocks: New C-40 Racing Clicker shocks feature 16mm shafts. The piggyback design offers better oil flow, more oil capacity and a smoother ride. They have external high- and low-speed compression adjustment. Front shocks also have rebound clickers.

Chassis: Reinforced castings throughout the chassis; stronger engine supports; wider, stronger running boards with integrated footrests and toe holds.

Toe hold
Drivetrain: New track for more durability and more traction; stronger Brembo brake caliper casting to resist heat transfer; new clutch calibrations; stronger driveshaft and jackshaft with improved welding process.

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