Derby Preview: Looking Back At The Five Most Recent World Championship Races

As a part of our continuing series previewing the 50th running of the Eagle River World Championship (and also to help our Snowmobile Racing Challenge players make their picks), we offer this rundown of the past five World Championship finals. Below you’ll see the finishing order of the past five races. Plus, you can click on the world championship year to read a story here on that was posted live from the track each year hours after the race.

We’re packing our camera bag and headed to Eagle River, Wisconsin, later today. We’ll be posting stories all weekend, taking fans through Time Trials, Friday Night Thunder, Championship Qualifying and finally Sunday’s World Championship race. We’ll also have details on the many other classes of racing — from the high-speed oval course to the infield snocross track, you can catch it all this weekend on

2012 World Championship

  1. Nick Van Strydonk
    Nick Van Strydonk in 2012
  2. Matt Schulz
  3. Dustin Wahl
  4. Ryan Kniskern
  5. Pj Wanderscheid
  6. Gary Moyle
  7. Malcolm Chartier
  8. Cardell Potter
  9. Jordan Wahl
  10. Brandon Johnson
  11. Travis MacDonald
  12. Brian Bewcyk


2011 World Championship

  1. PJ Wanderscheid
    P.J. Wanderscheid in 2011.
  2. Gary Moyle
  3. Jacques Villeneuve
  4. Malcolm Chartier
  5. Joey Fjerstad
  6. Dan Fenhaus
  7. Spencer Graff
  8. Nick Van Strydonk
  9. Travis MacDonald
  10. Brandon Johnson
  11. Brian Bewcyk
  12. Matt Schulz



2010 World Championship

  1. Matt Schulz
    Matt Schulz in 2010
    Matt Schulz in 2010
  2. PJ Wanderscheid
  3. Malcolm Chartier
  4. Dustin Wahl
  5. Jacques Villeneuve
  6. Gary Moyle
  7. Brandon Johnson
  8. Brian Bewcyk
  9. Joel Diamond
  10. Spencer Graff
  11. Dan Fenhaus
  12. Jason Lavallee

2009 World Championship

  1. Brian Bewcyk
  2. Dan Fenhaus
  3. Dustin Wahl
  4. PJ Wanderscheid
  5. Nick Van Strydonk
  6. Brandon Johnson
  7. Malcom Chartier
  8. Nick Dolezal
  9. Cardell Potter
  10. Mike Poach
  11. Gary Moyle
  12. Joey Fjerstad


2008 World Championship

  1. Brian Bewcyk
    Brian Bewcyk in 2009
  2. Gary Moyle
  3. Dan Fenhaus
  4. Brandon Johnson
  5. PJ Wanderscheid
  6. Joel Diamond
  7. Bryan Rydeen
  8. Matt Schulz
  9. Mike Lehman
  10. Nick Van Strydonk
  11. Dustin Wahl
  12. Brad Bettin


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