10 Most Viewed Snowmobile Stories On snowgoer.com In October

Readers must be getting excited about the coming snowmobile season. What else would explain their (and your?) viewing habits for the month of October?

During the month, we placed dozens of stories on snowgoer.com about dozens of topics. But when you boil it down, viewers to the site wanted to read about new sleds, new sleds and, oh yeah, a bunch of new sleds. Shootout stories, snowmobile of the year articles, rundowns of what each new factory has new for the coming for this winter — that right, snowmobilers are equipment junkies! Mix in some Palin Family intrigue, some details on oval racing and some pre-season tips to get you and your sled ready for winter, and you’ve got yourself a list of the most popular stuff on the popular snowgoer.com website. You know, other than our Trasher message board.

Here, in countdown form, are the top 10 stories viewed on snowgoer.com during the month of October. You can click through on any of them to see what you may have missed – although we have to admit that we are then giving these stories a jump-start on repeating in November!


10) 2013 Ski-Doos Include New Chassis Platforms, Leading Edge Suspensions

9) Six Pre-Season Sled Tips

8) Full Season Of Action Planned For Snowmobile Oval Racing

7) Todd Palin Switches to Ski-Doo For 2013 Snowmobile Race Season

Todd Palin’s switch from Arctic Cat to Ski-Doo attracted much attention during October on snowgoer.com.

6) Top 5 Snowmobile Riding Destinations Of The East

5) 2013 600-Class Shootout

People love their shootout articles, in print and online.

4) 2013 Polaris Snowmobiles Debut, Including New 600 Indy

3) 2013 Arctic Cat Snowmobiles Unveiled

2) 2013 800-Class Mountain Sled Shootout

1) Polaris 800 Pro-RMK 155: 2013 Snowmobile of the Year

The most popular story of October was… the Snowmobile Of The Year article. I guess the 800 Pro-RMK won twice.

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