Woody’s Gold Diggers Traction Master Studs Review

We put studs in just about all of our top-performance trail sleds. Because we knew we’d be asking a lot of our 2008 Polaris 600 IQ Shift demo sled last season, we had to put studs in it.

We went for Woody’s Gold Diggers Traction Master studs, which have a cool gold-colored finish. The conventional, 60-degree, carbide-tipped stud is the company’s premium trail stud. We went with 1.075-inch product to match with the .91-inch lugs on the track. We also paired them with Woody’s 60-degree runners with a 6-inch carbide edge.

We installed 120 studs with aluminum backers in the 121-inch track using the traditional pattern. As a result, our Shift had improved hook-up on icy and firm hardpack. The runners up front maintained the flat, stable steering control on those same surfaces. We’re glad our traction setup didn’t compromise the cornering and great handling of the IQ chassis.

After more than 1,500 miles on our IQ Shift, all of the Woody’s studs were still there and showed normal wear without any damage to the track.

Woody’s Traction
Hope, Michigan

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