Sledez Snowmobile Dolly Review

A Sledez snowmobile dolly makes it easy to move a sled in a garage or over rough surfaces.

As the brand name suggests, Sledez (pronounced “sled-ease”) designed its Snowmobile Dolly to be easy to use, and after rolling it around under a variety of sleds at our shop last season, I have to agree that it is simple to use.

With the cart set out in front of a sled, a rider slowly pulls the machine up to it and creeps forward until the skis are on the pads. With the cart adjusted correctly, the track will simultaneously roll onto the rear pad so the cart and snowmobile can be put into its storage space. When it’s time to hit the trail, fire up the sled and drive forward. This concept isn’t new as other companies have made similar products, but Sledez’s cart seems more durable.

One person can load and unload a sled without the awkward, back-twisting lift-and-kick that’s required to put traditional sled dollies under a snowmobile’s track. When unloading, though, remember that a light squeeze on the throttle is a good way to prevent shooting the cart out from under the sled and into the explosive, collectible Ford Pinto that sits at the back of your storage shed.

The four, 3-inch caster wheels roll straight without the tendency for the rear end to pass up the front like some casters will do. The wheels were durable and large enough to roll over the cracks and uneven terrain – including Class 5 gravel! – at our shop.

The Sledez cart is made from plastic and is reinforced with steel tubing. It has a large range of adjustability so it can accommodate most sleds. The disadvantage is its size. At 83 inches long and 50 inches wide when set for a modern short-track sled, it takes up a lot more valuable garage space than does a set of three dollies. Fortunately this lightweight cart is easy to lean against a wall when not in use.

Would I buy one of these carts? Absolutely. For $269, plus $33 shipping, I’d be the owner of a simple-to-use, quality product to help move and store my sled.

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