HJC CL-X6 Frenzy Helmet Review

HJC CLX helmet
Helmets from HJC are popular among snowmobilers.

I’ve worn quite a few HJC helmets during almost 20 years as a snowmobiler. They’ve generally been quality lids that protected my head, were comfortable and attractive for a reasonable price. I can say with certainty that the CL-X6 I wore last winter is my favorite HJC for those reasons. I like this one more than the others because of its sweet Frenzy graphics scheme with the bright-orange shade that I prefer.

High-flow ventilation is the latest trend in off-road helmets. The CL-X6’s Advanced Channeling Ventilation System flows so much air that I had to put duct tape over some of the holes to keep my melon from getting cold. If you use a motocross helmet for ATV or dirtbike riding in the summer, this is a nice feature but most sledders won’t need it.

The removable liner has held up to more than 3,000 miles of use and at least 20 wet and soapy rides through my washing machine. The chinstrap looks like it did the day I pulled this helmet out of the box. The crown’s finish has a few scuffs and subtle chips caused by tree branches that hung too low over the trail.

I like the helmet’s modern shape and style. It cuts through the air well with reasonable wind noise and minimal visor lift. A cool feature of the shell is the ridge around the rear that helps hold a goggle strap in place so it doesn’t fall off the back of the helmet, plus it adds some style. The CL-X6’s visor is fastened with three black plastic, triangle-shaped screws. They did the job, but aluminum hardware on helmets I’ve tested from other manufacturers adds a touch of quality.

My size large helmet fit well; it pulled over my head easily to the right point over my face so it felt comfortable and provided a good field of vision. With a balaclava, it fits snugly with some movement if I shake my head. I bought a HJC breath box specially designed for the CL-X6 helmet, but installation threw me for a loop … it doesn’t fit as well as it should, but it protected my mouth and nose and helped prevent fogged goggles.

At $139.95 the CL-X6 Frenzy doesn’t pretend to be a high-end helmet that has a more luxurious fit and fancier finishing touches, but it’s a great headpiece that fits well, has Snell certification and looks great. For the money, this helmet is a great value and one I’ll readily recommend.

HJC/Castle Sales
Green Bay, Wisconsin

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