Cold Tested: FXR Ultimate Helmet Bag

When one of our test riders came to us raving about an excellent helmet bag, we thought he’d either: (1) gone a little bit dainty on us by having a fancy helmet bag – or “helmet purse” as one co-worker teased; (2) lost his mind for being excited about a helmet bag; or (3) all of the above. It wasn’t until he showed up for a ride late in the season with the handy and well-thought-out helmet bag in tow that we: (1) thought that maybe he hadn’t lost his mind; (2) wanted one for ourselves; or (3) all of the above.

The FXR Ultimate Helmet Bag.

FXR appropriately named this product the Ultimate Helmet Bag, because that’s just what it is. It comes at a premium price compared to other helmet-carrying devices available from competitive brands, but it is also very well put together and designed by folks who truly thought of everything.

The real key is that the Ultimate Helmet Bag is designed to carry more than a helmet, despite its name. With multiple side pounches, ample capacity, a built-in goggle chamois and even an integrated drainage system, it’s a multi-dimensional system made to carry and/or store everything a rider wears from the neck up.

Breaking it down, the well-padded main compartment was large enough to fit any powersports helmet, and was clearly designed for folks who wear MX-style helmets, given that it has an internal compartment specifically designed to carry a spare peak/sun visor.

More proof came inside the long, rectangular pockets that run on each side, which contain four specific pouches – two on each side – to securely carry four spare sets of goggles. A separate large zipper pocket on one end of the bag provides more storage – perfect for a couple of head socks and a spare pair of lightweight gloves. The aforementioned drainage system allows a user to put gear in the bag when wet and zip it up, knowing that moisture will escape and some air will be allowed to move through the bag.

The outside of the bag is made of a durable-feeling nylon material, with extra rubberized material on the bottom. On the top center is an oversize, rubberized carrying handle.

Given its retail price that’s roughly double what other helmet bags cost, this isn’t a must-have product for everybody – it’s aimed at people who are picky with their gear and/or those who are secure enough to carry a high-end “helmet purse” – but there’s no doubt that it’s the best execution of a helmet bag we’ve ever seen.

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