Cold Tested: Fly Racing Snow Cobalt Monosuit Shell

Even though the winter in the West got off to a slow start last year, it failed to dampen our enthusiasm to try our new Fly Racing Cobalt Monosuit Shell.

       Riding out West, the first thing a suit has to be is durable to handle the rigors of riding in the trees. Navigating through a tight, tree-filled riding area, it is not uncommon to brush up against branches that can wreak havoc on a suit.

       Not this one, though, as the Fly Cobalt Monosuit handled this part of the test with no problems. The outer shell material is made of lightweight Cordura for durability that resists tears, scuffs and abrasions. For added abrasion resistance, Fly designers reinforced the knee area, the inside of the lower legs and the bottom cuffs.

       Next, we require a suit to seal out cold air yet also breathe so it’s able to handle the wide range of temperatures a rider can encounter on any given day. Last winter, we rode in temperatures ranging from 15 below zero to 30 degrees above.

       Along with the body heat generated while riding in technical, steep and deep terrain, managing our body temperature in that broad range of conditions was a breeze for the Cobalt Monosuit. Its 10,000mm/8,000 mm waterproof/ breathable ratings are achieved by using Hydraguard Pro weatherproof technology that also provides exceptional windproof protection.

       Ventilation is provided with strategically placed zippered vents under the arms, on the sleeves and on the legs. Each one of these vents had 2Cool Air Vent technology that lets heat out while not letting snow/moisture in.

       Adjustability is key to a comfortable fit, and the Cobalt delivers in this area as well. It begins with the internal suspenders that are adjustable in length utilizing Velcro hook and loop fastener material. There’s also a small strap that connects the two suspenders across your chest so you don’t end up with one or the other trying to occasionally crawl off your shoulder.

       Further custom fitting is available at the waist, thanks to internal straps on each side of your torso that can be adjusted to your desired fit. Adjustability is also found on the outside: Knowing that everyone who wears the same suit size isn’t the same height, Fly built in the ability to easily shorten the overall suit length by utilizing a Velcro strip on the back of each leg.

       Other features included a micro-fleece collar, removable hood, many well-placed pockets (which include a whistle and goggle wipe), YKK aqua-guard zippers, full length two-way side zips, a waterproof seat insert, removable knee pads, hand gaiters and strategically placed reflective panels.

       I recommend the Fly Racing Cobalt Monosuit for backcountry riders. The suit was durable, adjustable, comfortable and a joy to wear while riding. It helped make our backcountry experiences amazing, knowing we did not have to worry about the fit or performance of our riding gear.

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