Castle Racing Elevation Gloves Review

Castle Racing Elevation GlovesFor a measly $44.95, Castle Racing Elevation Glove buyers get one heckuva set of nice paw protectors. We received several pairs of the gloves that associate editor Tom Kaiser and I tested last winter.

Slip it on and you’ll notice a soft inner lining that feels warm and welcoming to the hands, then tug on the separate wrist and gauntlet straps for a custom fit that wards off snow and cold breezes. The exterior of the fingertips has a silicone treatment for more finger traction, which is an especially nice feature on the left hand’s index and middle fingers so they don’t slip off the brake lever.

The gloves feel like a lightweight barrier that would only ward off a moderate chill, but they proved to be surprisingly capable to keep our mitts warm. I usually reserved these gloves for when the thermometer said the air was in the 5- to 20-degree range, but Kaiser used them when the thermometer showed air temperatures in the single digits below zero and wind chills were fierce.

While the top of the glove is insulated, the palm isn’t, which reduces bulk for a secure grip on the handlebars while allowing handwarmer heat to pass through. The light-colored gauntlet material is slippery, so it doesn’t bunch up around the jacket cuff, not to mention snow slips off. Based on the performance and price, the Elevation Glove is one the best values in snowmobiling.

— Andy Swanson

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