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BR Tech’s The Predator Pod

BR Tech’s new Predator Pod uses three, 2-inch, lightweight ducts to direct the flow to the brake caliper, primary clutch and intake systems. The pod mounts atop the cowling with ...

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Fast's New Adjusters

The CAM-IT, which is new for 2005, is an 11-position quick adjustment for an M-10. The “big brother” to the CAM-IT is the JACK, a fine-tuning mechanism that has infinite ...

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Arctic Rail Kit

The Arctic Rail Kit allows egg-shaped holes to be repaired easily without removing the suspension or components. EZ-Slider claims the kit is a quick and easy way to strengthen new ...

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New Kimpex Snowmobile Skis

The new plastic ski includes a much wider keel to decrease darting, Kimpex said. The company also offers its own carbides and new taper bars for the plastic skis, which ...

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J&T's New Wheel Kits

The 4th Wheel Kit will help with ski lift when cornering and during straightline acceleration. The kit has an easy adjustment feature that allows riders to make easy track adjustments. ...

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D&D Racing's PAC System

The product attaches to the fuel supply line that leads from the gas tank and allows tuners to reduce fuel pressure at wide-open throttle, which has the same effect as ...

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Arctiva Wheelie Bag

Instead of lugging around an awkward bag full of gear over your shoulder, glide it along with wheels and a pull handle. Organization is the name of the game with ...

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