The Elkhorn Resort Spa & Conference Centre Manitoba

Thousands of people are turning to snowmobiling as their favourite winter pastime and snowmobilers are exploring different trails systems all over Canada. Why not check out Manitoba, home of over 12,000 km of snowmobile trails and Snoman Inc. (Snowmobilers of Manitoba), a provincial organization representing 51 snowmobile clubs. Now that’s a lot of trails and clubs!

For a province that consists of a lot of flat land and over 100,000 lakes there are plenty of intricate trails to challenge the diehard sledder. Manitoba is a prairie province that has a largely continental climate due to its flat landscape. Agriculture is vital to the province’s economy, but tourism is particularly important too.

The terrain ranges from open prairie to dense forests and you can even explore the Arctic tundra in the far north. Magnificent lakes and rivers line the snowmobile routes extending across this splendid province. Many of the trails are groomed to the highest standards, maintained by Snoman. Travel the trails and watch nature unfold around you on this extensive network of trails. While cruising on the scenic trails a variety of wildlife can be seen including moose, elk, deer, fox, and a large assortment of birds. A decent riding season can be had in most areas, starting in December and going through until March. Some regions boast that they ride right into April. Many snowmobile friendly accommodations are available for your enjoyment along the way. Whether you like day trips or extended journeys you will definitely enjoy your ride and the great hospitality of Manitoba.

Speaking of great hospitality and snowmobile friendly accommodations The Elkhorn Resort, Spa & Conference Centre, situated in Central Manitoba, is the perfect place to start your adventure. With over 3,000 square kilometers of boreal forest at its front door and bordering Riding Mountain National Park, The Elkhorn makes the ideal place to sled from. While snowmobiling in the park is restricted to the surface of Clear Lake and along the boundaries of the park, there are still many trails to keep you moving in the area. After riding the trails all day relax at The Elkhorn Resort complete with the Solstice Spa to rejuvenate your tired muscles and joints. Take in a massage or unwind in the Equinox mineral pool and hot tub. Hunger always builds after a day on trails and the perfect place to join friends and family is the newly renovated Mountain Grill and Bar located right at the resort. The Elkhorn Resort also offers snowmobiles for rent. Choose from two – two seaters (2-up) or one – one seater or contact SnowMuch Fun for additional sleds. For guests bringing their own snowmobiles there is additional parking for trailers and sleds. The trail starts right at Elkhorn Resort and goes into Onanole, past a ‘Fas Gas’ gas station, for a convenient fuel up, where many trail options open up for your enjoyment.

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