2015 Ski-Doo

Ski-Doo Listens, Offers Muted Color Options On 2015 Spring-Order Snowmobiles

2015 Ski-Doo Renegade X-RS

By John Prusak
March 11, 2014

. It ain’t easy living on fashion’s cutting edge. Team Snow Goer wouldn’t necessarily know that from personal experience – timeless blue jeans and a sweatshirt are more our style. Ski-Doo designers found out first hand, however, that being fashion forward has its risks when it unveiled its loud... Read more »

2015 Ski-Doo Summit X T3 174 Test Ride

Ski-Doo Summit 2015

By T.J. Krob, Contributing Editor
March 4, 2014

Ski-Doo has extended mountain snowmobile riders’ expectations with the longest track ever in a stock snowmobile — 174 inches. Armed with more track and blessed with new front and rear geometry, plus targeted weight savings, Ski-Doo’s T3-equipped Summit X promises better balance and up to 174... Read more »

2015 Ski-Doo Snowmobiles Feature Big Changes

Ski-Doo MX Z

By John Prusak
March 4, 2014

What’s new from Ski-Doo for 2015? How about better handling MX Zs and Renegades, notably longer Summits, more sleds equipped with ACE engines and their high-tech features plus a finger-throttle option and revised DESS technology. And if that isn’t enough, how about some of the loudest and proudest... Read more »

2015 Snowmobile Sneak Peek: Where To See The New Sleds

Press Release
February 21, 2014

This year, three of the four snowmobile manufacturers will be joining together in the Snowmobile Sneak Peek Tour. Polaris, Ski-Doo and Yamaha will jointly show off their 2015 snowmobile lines, while Arctic Cat is taking a different path, relying on dealer events to display their models. Below is the... Read more »