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Snow Goer Seeks The 101 Greatest Snowmobile Pitstops

Snow Goer staff

Do you know the best pitstop?

We’re searching for reader-recommended trailside locations that offer riders needed food & unique ambience for our second annual 101 Great Pitstops list. 

For many sledheads the cherry-on-top to any great snowmobiling adventure is the much-needed pitstop that will fill both fuel tanks and bellies, while also offering rest or even entertainment before the next leg of the trip. Like a great movie that was cast without a headline-commanding star, these often remote-locations are the gem of the snowmobiling world, but are also sometimes overlooked by those who fail to see beyond big advertising boards.

A good pitstop is any establishment within reach of trails for fueling sleds, that also offers your traditional “bar foods” such as cheeseburgers, French fries and warm beverages.

A great pitstop, however, will go above and beyond, also offering signature meals with hearty foods to “fuel” the miles ahead, snowmobiling-specific amenities to store riding gear while unwinding and décor that incites the imagination of snowmobiling’s rich past, present and future (such as vintage photos, trail maps and more). It also has a history of alliance with the snowmobiling community at large, including clubs and trail-owners.

Do you know the spot we’re describing? If so, who better to name as one the “best trailside pitstops in the U.S.” than your own favorites?

To come up with the list of 101 Great Snowmobile Pitstops, we’re seeking expert advice from those who know best – you!

If you know of a great pitstop that deserves to be noticed, please email NLongworth@SnowGoer.com with your nomination. Be sure to include the pitstop’s official name/location and attached a JPEG photo, as well as, write a brief description of what you think makes the place great. Last year we received nearly 200 submissions, so please do be as specific as possible!


  1. Dean’s in portage Maine or the Lakeview in St.Agatha Maine doesn’t get any better than the way life should be

  2. what a bout the canadiens pit stops or do you show them

  3. Hideaway, Starvation Lake, MI

  4. The Inn Gastro Pub, Paradise, MI
    Foggy’s, Christmas, MI

  5. La Face de Boeuf in Thetford, Quebec, Canada
    Super great food, large screen TVs, live music, friendly staff, large parking lot where you can SEE your sleight outside, direct access to nearby FCMQ 25 (provincial official groomed trail), gas station is within 100ft on that same parking lot ! And….well…. come ride with us ! 🙂

    • Nice! We all definitely add it to the suggestions! Feel free to send along any more, and email us a photo or two if you have them!

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