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Snow Goer Seeks Snowmobile Club Submissions For New Section

Snow Goer staff
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The Hampshire White Riders Snowmobile Club makes a pitstop.

As dedicated and passionate snowmobilers, keeping up with the latest sleds, accessories and technological advances while waiting for next season can be a full-time task.

Even though our love for the sport sometimes makes it easy to forget how the trails we’re dreaming of came to be, it’s important to remember how snowmobile clubs play an important role.

Clubs help promote the sport through community events and training. Most clubs don’t stop there, either. They also secure landowner permission for trails to run on, clear trail pathways, groom, install bridges for connections and maintain adequate signage so you don’t get lost.

Simply put, if you appreciate the sport you love, you should thank a snowmobile club! And as a part of a new series we are creating for Snow Goer, we would love to put on a spotlight on your club and others that are doing good work.

If you belong to a snowmobile club that is fun, innovating and interesting we’d love to hear about it. Simply fill out a brief survey – it’s only about five minutes, and, really, it’s all about you!

Head to Snowmobile Club Survey  where you will be asked a few questions about what makes your club special – from special

Conway Snowmobile Club groomer

The Conway Snowmobile Club takes its grooming responsibilities seriously

events either hosted or sponsored, to how you go about finding new members.

We plan to scour your submissions and create a unique section in the magazine and on the website that offers bite-sized articles chalked full of important information linking the entire snowmobiling community together – enjoying the sport we love.

And then the next time you’re out for a ride, you’ll know a little more about who may have helped provide the good time!

Won’t you give us a hand?

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