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Reader Images Bring Snowmobiling To Life

Snow Goer staff

adly, the snowmobile riding season has winded down in many, non-mountainous riding locations. But before you turn your complete attention to your bikes, boats, classic cars and golf clubs, take the time to go through your photos from the past season and send them in for Snow Goer magazines’s popular What’s Hot/What’s Not department.

Since its re-launch in 1990, each issue of Snow Goer magazine has included a What’s Hot/What’s Not section, featuring images of snowmobile life captured and submitted by readers. The images below are from the April 2017 issue of Snow Goer. If you have some photos of your snowmobiling life to share, whether you’d deem them “Hot” or “Not,” submit them to jprusak@snowgosite.wpengine.com, and you may see your image in print! Limit two photos per participant, please, and include your name and hometown with the submission. Also please note, low resolution photos or images with less-than-perfect focus won’t reprint well in magazines — send us only your best.



Michigan snowmobile ride

Pre-Christmas joy in Michigan powder. Photo submitted by Steve and Tracey Haver of Traverse City, Michigan.


snowmobile in flight

How does this snowmobiler cross the road? Submitted by Michael Bluy of Norwich, New York.


kids on snowmobile

“My grandson Luke is 15 months old now, and this is one of his first snowmobile pics.” Submitted by proud Grandpa Allan Hirsch of Riverwoods, Illinois


mountain snowmobiling

More Colorado fun. Photo submitted by Seth Woody of Iowa City, Iowa.


stuck snowmobile

“The new Ostrich model definitely has some overreaction problems when hearing loud pipes!” Photo submitted by Adam Molitor of Sauk Rapids, MN; caption suggested by Bob Harris on the Snow Goer magazine Facebook page.

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