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Snowmobile Apparel Reviews

HMK USA Voyager Boot

Having the right snowmobile boots strapped to the feet can affect how well a day goes on the trail. Besides feeling comfortable against my feet, having a warm, waterproof boot ...

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Klim USA

“More than 800 bucks for snowmobile riding gear! Are you nuts!?” That might be your reaction to the Valdez Parka ($419.99) and Togowotee Bib ($399.99) package, but if you demand ...

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Nolan N-102 Snowmobile Helmet

Benefits of the modular snowmobile helmet style with the flip-up chin bar are undeniable. They make it easier to take a drink, snap pictures, look at a trail map and ...

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Snosuit Performance Winterwear

I picked an especially cold spell to test the One-Piece Snosuit. This is not a suit for wimpy weather and certainly not for wimpy people. One particular day had a ...

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Splitweight Tek-Top Pullover

Whenever I do something physical, I sweat — a lot. Winters before last when I’d wear layers under my TekVest, my shirts would be damp after a ride, to say ...

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509 Sinister Goggles

Much like an uncomfortable pair of golf shoes can make for a bad day on the links, cheap snowmobile goggles can cause a tough day on the trail. You can’t ...

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