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Choosing Two-Stroke Snowmobile Oil

November 12, 2010 Two-stroke snowmobile engines have come a long way since the industrial powerplants of the 1960s that required lubricating oil to be pre-mixed with gas. With more power ...

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Snowmobile pre-season tips

This is one of the best times of the year. We’ve already transitioned from summer into fall, and now we’re slowly sliding from fall into winter. The cold nights, a ...

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Used Sled Shopping Tips

Asking the right questions and knowing what to look for can prevent a bad buy on a used sled. Here are some tips that you should follow every time you ...

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Snowmobile Cleaning Tips

You’ve probably been eyeing up your sled recently now that the nights are crisp and leaves are falling. So now’s the time to roll it out under the autumn sun ...

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Simple Snowmobile Clutch Maintenance

We often talk in Snow Goer magazine and on snowgosite.wpengine.com about how important it is to scuff the sheaves of snowmobile clutches in order to achieve the best performance from ...

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Snowmobile Oil Injection Advice

Snowmobile Oil

Snowmobilers have enjoyed the convenience of oil injection since Yamaha outfitted its 1968 SL350 with an oil pump and necessary hardware. No longer did some Yamaha riders have to carry ...

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Set Up a Garage for Snowmobile Repairs

Snowmobile Garage Setup

Snowmobilers are some of the best home-schooled mechanics around, but they can’t do the work without the right tools and equipment for snowmobile repair. And it’s much easier with a ...

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